Cancer Signaling Pathways & Phenotypic Assays

Cancer Signaling Pathways & Phenotypic Assays

Cancer research is in the forefront of biological research specialties. Cancer signaling pathways and phenotypic assays form the core of cancer biology research. Current research scenario is witnessing a resurgence of interest in phenotypic screens in drug discovery as an alternative to target-focused approaches. With oncology being one of the most active therapeutic specialties, phenotypic assays pertinent to this area are of tremendous worth.

With this advanced research interest in mind, Stellixir provides specialized and validated cancer signaling pathways and phenotypic assays.

Our Cancer Signaling Pathways & Phenotypic Assays Include
Phospo-ERK assay c-Jun test
Ca2+ assay HIF-1 alpha assay
cAMP assay NF-kappa B/p65
Phospho-CREB assay STAT 1,2,3 & 6 assay
Phospo-mTOR assay EGFR assay
Akt assay Cell cycle analysis
p38 activity assay Clonogenicity assay
JNK activity assay Cell migration assays

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