Functional Cell Stress Assays

Functional Cell Stress Assays

The metabolic signals promote cell growth as cells respond to these signals. Furthermore, cells also respond to exogenous stress through various adaptive stress response pathways. The activation and inactivation of these cell stress pathways can be studied through cell-based assays that utilize rapid and consistent reporters.

With the intent of reliable drug efficacy studies on cell stress, Stellixir provides a range of validated cell-based assays, all of which can be specifically adapted to your desired cellular model.

Our Functional Cell Stress Assays Include
ROS formation assay
Lipid peroxidation assay
Glutathione depletion assay
Mitochondrial membrane potential assays
Hypoxia signaling marker analysis
Anti-oxidant assays: SOD1, SOD2, catalase (CAT), GSH, GPX and GSR

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