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Nuclear signaling and the nuclear material are immensely significant as they regulate and control the cellular processes. Impediments in the nuclear signaling and/or DNA damage could grievously affect the cellular processes and hence the whole system.

DNA damage causes genetic instability which may increase the rate of cancer development, as recent findings make it increasingly clear that deficiencies in DNA-damage signaling and repair pathways are fundamental to the etiology of most, if not all, human cancers.

Cell proliferation is a vital concept with their rates being good indicators of cell health. Proliferation/viability analysis is also critical for cell growth and differentiation studies. Furthermore, assessing compound cytotoxicity is crucial in the development of pharmaceuticals. In cancer biology, these assays are used during drug development process to evaluate both compound cytotoxicity and tumor inhibition.

Bearing these significant implications in mind, Stellixir provides a range of services pertinent to these concerns.

Our Nuclear Signaling, DNA Damage, Cytotoxicity & Proliferation Assays Include
SRB assay γH2AX assay
LDH assay Comet assay
MTT assay MDM2 assay
Clonogenic assay Topoisomerase I assay
p53 assay Topoisomerase II assay
p21 assay Histone H3 acetylation assay

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