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Agrochemical and Biocide

Agrochemical and Biocide

Agriculture research focuses on improved crop yield with minimum damage from different pests. However, these chemicals should not pose any danger to farmers. For this, Stellixir Biotech provides in-vitro toxicology assessment support for Clients’ agrochemicals and pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and biocides.

Services We Offer:

Characterization: Test physical and chemical properties and storage and stability of your product using range of Bioanalytical services (hyperlink) provided by our company

Toxicology assessment
  • In-vitro cytotoxicity using 2D and 3D tissue models
  • Skin corrosion, skin sensitization, skin irritation models
  • Phototoxicity and ocular damage study models
  • Other tissues- lung, mouth and gut.
  • In-vitro Endocrine disruption studies
  • In-vitro dermal absorption studies
  • Tolerance, Safety & Metabolism studies through ADME and PK profiling

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