Energy Metabolism & Autophagy Assays

Energy Metabolism & Autophagy Assays

Energy metabolism, the central biochemical activity in all biological systems, comprises the overall network of enzyme catalyzed pathways and involves the maintenance of cellular and systemic viability of the organism. However, deviation from the normal, in the amount of metabolites produced and/or the activity of the enzymes involved, causes several biochemical disorders. For this reason, energy metabolism assays are of utmost importance.

Autophagy is a vital cellular response to stress or starvation. In the recent past, autophagy assays have witnessed unprecedented prominence in research and diagnosis of several diseases including cancer, due to their suggested physiological and pathophysiological roles.

Considering the tremendous significance of energy metabolism and autophagy assays in cancer metabolism and signal transduction, Stellixir provides outstanding research services in this regard.

Our Energy Metabolism & Autophagy Assays Include
NAD(P)H assay Lysosome detection assay
FAD assay mTOR activity assay
ATP content assay Poly-ubiquitination assay
Mitochondrial membrane potential assay Proteasome activity assay
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) test cAMP assay
LC3B autophagy assay Lipid peroxidation
LDL uptake test Intracellular Glutathione (GSH) content  
Lipids and phospholipids accumulation Anti-diabetic assays: glucose uptake assay, α-amylase inhibition assay, α-glucosidase inhibition assay, sucrase inhibition assay
P-glycoprotein (P-gp) activity assay

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