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Research and development is pivotal to any life sciences industry, as research is the backbone of it all. What makes research worth the while is, witnessing its translation and development into products or methods that help better the quality of human life. With this ideology in mind, Stellixir invests a substantial amount of its money, time and efforts into R&D, having focus on platelet-based therapies for wound healing and tissue regeneration, HSC-based cell therapies for platelet reconstitution, and 3D spheroid culture systems for anticancer drug screening.

Stellixir’s Core R&D Activities Include

  1. Development of platelet-derived gels for applications in wound healing and hair regeneration
  2. Identification and synthesis of non-peptide thrombopoietin analogues for in vitro generation of platelets
  3. Generation of cancer stem cell-based 3D sphere models for anticancer compound profiling for target in vitro cytotoxicity
  4. Synthesis and evaluation of anticancer activity of
    • Silver and iron nanoparticles
    • Medicinal plant extracts
    • Symbiotic fungal extracts

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